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Why Claims That Organic is Worse for the Environment Do Not Hold Up

While headlines claim that organic is worse for the environment, the facts tell a different story.

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New Organic Products

New Organic Products

Ground Vanilla Nut Coffee from Thrive Market

The medium roast, organic vanilla flavored coffee from Thrive Market is made from high-quality arabica beans that are ethically sourced directly from Peruvian farmers in the Finca Churupampa co-op. The growers use regenerative farming practices, and this partnership not only provides a livelihood for these farmers but also helps to support their local communities.

Gourmet Dip Mixes from Watkins 1868

Watkins 1868 has launched a new line of organic gourmet dip mixes. Available in convenient no-measure, one-time-use pouches, the six flavors include guacamole, salsa & sour cream, ranch, onion, cucumber & dill, and garlic & dill.

Ingrown Hair Remedy by Butterfly Bones Organics

Butterfly Bones Organics has introduced its Ingrown Hair Remedy product. It was designed to provide relief for those dealing with painful swelling and redness caused by ingrown hairs, which can turn up after using hair removal methods such as waxing, sugaring or shaving.
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