Financial Disclosure

Organic Insider ( and Living Maxwell ( are two sites owned and operated by Max Goldberg but maintain different advertising and financial arrangements.

There is no advertising on Organic Insider, and no companies can purchase any kind of editorial content or product mention on Organic Insider, even if they are an advertiser on Living Maxwell. Any mentions of companies or products on Organic Insider are done so for editorial purposes.

Any editorial on Living Maxwell by a Living Maxwell advertiser will be mentioned as such on Living Maxwell.

Max Goldberg consults for a variety of organic food companies in the U.S. and around the world. If at the time that he is consulting with one of them and he is endorsing their products on either Living Maxwell or Organic Insider, the consulting relationship will be disclosed.

Organic Insider, which launched in 2016, offers both free and premium (paid) subscription options. Premium subscribers are in no way guaranteed or promised editorial or promotion of their products on either Organic Insider or Living Maxwell in return for their being a premium subscriber. Due to the number of premium subscribers of Organic Insider, any time that a premium subscriber’s product is mentioned on either Organic Insider or Living Maxwell, this will not be disclosed.

Max Goldberg has a financial interest in the following companies: Sakara, The Sprouting Company, JustOne Organics, EcoFashion Corp/Farm to Home, GoodSAM Foods, GreenOnyx, RE Botanicals, Red Belly Honey and Solarvest/Eversea.

He is a marketing consultant to The Detox Project’s Glyphosate Residue Free certification.

There may be affiliate links for products mentioned on Living Maxwell and Organic Insider, which help to offset the cost of operating the sites.

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