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Assessing the Impact of the $289M Ruling Against Monsanto and Exploring Whether Organic Brands are Prepared

Aug 15, 2018

As the world rejoiced about the $289M court ruling against Monsanto, there are serious implications for organic food brands. The question is whether they are ready to handle growing consumer awareness about glyphosate.

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A New Study Shows Just How Disruptive the New Bioengineered Labels May Be

Aug 08, 2018

As the USDA is getting ready to roll out new federal GMO-labeling standards, a recent study by the International Food Information Council Foundation has shed light on just what kind of impact these proposed standards may have. Needless to say, the results are quite compelling for organic advocates.

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Recent Actions by the USDA and FDA Should Worry Organic Advocates, More Industry Involvement is Needed

Aug 01, 2018

With two recent actions out of Washington, D.C., the organic community should be very alarmed. Much deeper and aggressive involvement is needed from organic companies to protect the long-term interests of our industry.

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UNFI Purchases Supervalu for $2.9B

Jul 26, 2018

This morning, the leading distributor of organic and natural foods, UNFI, purchased Supervalu for $2.9 billion. We discuss the possible reasons for this acquisition and why it may prove to be a very smart long-term, defensive move.

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