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USDA’s New Framework for GMO Regulation Completely Ignores the Well-Being of American Citizens, Ensures the Pesticide Treadmill will Strengthen

May 20, 2020

This new GMO regulatory framework is a very dark moment for American agriculture. The USDA must impose strict regulations on GMO crops.

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EXCLUSIVE: Actress, Producer and Best-Selling Author Gabrielle Union Joins Bitsy’s as Co-Founder, Sets out to Change How All Kids Snack

May 13, 2020

Hollywood actress, producer and best-selling author Gabrielle Union is joining Bitsy's as a co-founder, giving the organic food kids' brand serious reach.

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The USDA Asserts Total Power over the Organic Industry’s Agenda

May 06, 2020

It is time for members of the National Organic Standards Board to assert their statutory authority, which was granted to them by Congress.

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Assessing COVID-19’s Impact on Sustainable Fashion and Organic Textiles

Apr 29, 2020

Despite the pandemic, industry experts see a bright future for organic clothing and textiles.

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