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PLEASE READ: In the fall of 2018, after two years in business, I made the decision to switch Organic Insider from a paid subscription newsletter to a “freemium” one (free and premium). Why?

Because I felt that the organic industry was facing such serious challenges from both a regulatory and enforcement perspective, anyone who wanted to receive my weekly newsletter should get it. We need as many people informed about what is going on in organic as possible, and money should not be a hindrance. As a result, Organic Insider is now open to anyone at no charge.

That being said, Organic Insider is an advertising-free model, and we rely entirely on individuals and companies who want to support independent organic food journalism.

We are traveling to events and conferences that no other independent journalists are regularly attending, including the two National Organic Standards Board meetings held each year, and are reporting on a weekly basis on topics that many other organic-focused publications are not covering. Needless to say, publishing Organic Insider is a time-intensive and costly endeavor.

If you would like to support independent organic food journalism, please consider having you and your employees become premium subscribers. It will help us achieve our goal of protecting the integrity of organic and advancing this incredibly important industry.

With gratitude,
Max Goldberg
Founder, Organic Insider


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Michael Joseph
Green Chef, Scratch Kitchen

Michael Joseph
Green Chef, Scratch Kitchen

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