About Max and Organic Insider

My name is Max Goldberg, and I am the founder of Organic Insider. Thank you so much for visiting my site and for taking the time to read what we are all about.

Having eaten close to 100% organic since 2001, I decided to start writing about the organic food industry at the end of 2009 on my blog Living Maxwell.

Soon thereafter, I created the Organic Food Industry group on LinkedIn and started sending out a weekly curated email to all of the members with links to the top stories of the week. While the group still exists today (please join here) and now has over 40,000 members from around the world, I decided that this weekly email needed to have its own platform which would allow me to go much deeper with a lot more flexibility and freedom. This is how Organic Insider was born.

The true inspiration behind Organic Insider, however, stems from my years of interaction with organic CEOs and executives. It became apparent that while so many of these individuals wanted to stay up to speed on all of the news and important developments in the industry, they just did not have the time to do all of the reading and research that I was doing on a weekly basis. Understandably so, they were incredibly busy running their own companies.

So, I thought that if I could provide a weekly email, which could be read in 5-10 minutes and summarizes the most important organic stories and news items, that would be a valuable service to these people. I would do all of the work while keeping them informed, saving them time, and delivering them the critical information so they could make better decisions for their businesses.

Who is Reading Organic Insider?

It is a wide spectrum of people who are reading Organic Insider each week, but they all have one thing in common — they care deeply about organic and its future.

Subscribers include many of the most influential CEOs in the industry, along with venture capitalists, hedge fund managers, service providers, farmers and non-profit groups.

A growing number of companies have signed up all of their employees for Organic Insider because they understand how critical it is that everyone in the organization is informed about what is happening in the industry, not just the C-level executives.

The importance of this last point cannot be emphasized enough.

It has always been my contention that anyone who works at an organic food company is an influencer in his or her community, whether that individual has a social media following or not, and we need as many people as possible to help enact change. And I wanted Organic Insider to be that vehicle to keep them informed.

Why is Organic Insider Different?

Organic Insider is a premium service that is 100% dedicated to not only delivering the industry’s most important and relevant information to its readers, but it also has a very clear agenda — to help move the industry forward while fiercely protecting the integrity of organic.

Since we are entirely subscription-based, our editorial views are not impacted by any advertisers….because we don’t accept any advertisements.

As a result, you will be getting content that most authentically serves the industry. Additionally, the newsletter is self-funded and faces no pressure from outside investors.

What Goes Into Producing Organic Insider?

Each week, I pick one main topic that is very relevant to the industry and explore it deeply. This could be a political event, a regulatory decision, marketing or branding strategies, a key trend, highlights from a trade show or a recap from a National Organic Standards Board meeting. Using my vast network of experts throughout the country, I provide exclusive commentary and analysis that is not found on any of my other platforms and aim to provide a perspective that is both unique and thought-provoking.

In addition, I also curate the week’s most interesting and relevant organic food news. Having done this since 2012, beginning with the Organic Food Industry group on LinkedIn and now on Organic Insider, I have developed my own methodology and sources for compiling and aggregating the news.

Not only is it visiting hundreds of different media outlets around the world, but it is also understanding of which websites can be trusted, as there are many sites that have a very biased agenda which aim to push the safety of GMOs and pesticides.

In what takes just a few minutes per week to read, you will benefit from the 20-25 hours of research, reading and writing that I do to put Organic Insider together. Most importantly, you will have a firm grasp of the most critical issues and stories impacting our industry.


Collaboration with Brands

On a select basis, I collaborate with organic brands to help promote their new products or offerings via my online and social media platforms. The exact nature of the collaboration depends on the needs of each company, but please contact me for more details. Please note that these are paid engagements.

From time-to-time, I do profiles of organic brands on Organic Insider, but this editorial cannot be purchased. I write about these companies because what they are doing is important for people to know about, and I do not receive compensation for this.

Consulting with Organic Food CEOs

I work with organic food CEOs in the U.S. and around the world, helping them with product strategy, marketing strategy, business development and introductions. These assignments vary anywhere from 2 months to a few years.

For people who are merely interested in a single one-hour phone conversation to get advice, I can do that as well.

Feel free to contact me and we can discuss whether it makes sense to have a conversation.

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