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Using RNAi Silencing Technology, a New GMO Cotton makes the Case for Organic Cotton Stronger -- and More Urgent -- Than Ever

(Graphics and photos courtesy of the Soil Association)

With the FDA's approval of GMO cotton for human consumption, the need for consumers to embrace organic cotton has never been greater or more urgent.

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New Organic Products

New Organic Products

Madly Matcha by Suja

Suja has introduced a new twist on the traditional Japanese green tea -- a delicious, low-sugar, matcha lemonade. Made with sencha green tea, Madly Matcha provides 100mg of caffeine (similar to 1 cup of coffee) and also counts spirulina as one of its ingredients. Exclusively available at Whole Foods Market.

Vegetable-Infused Ice Cream by Peekaboo

Peekaboo, the only manufacturer of organic super-premium ice cream infused with veggies, is rolling out nationwide with Kroger this month. With the mission of "blurring the line between vice and virtue" and getting kids to eat more vegetables, the company has five flavors -- strawberry with hidden carrots, vanilla with hidden zucchini, mint chocolate chip with hidden spinach, chocolate with hidden cauliflower and cotton candy with hidden beets.

Fresh Ground Turkey Breast by Diestel Family Ranch

Diestel Family Ranch has come out with organic, fresh ground turkey breast -- 99% lean, 1% fat. The company embraces regenerative agriculture practices, and all of its birds are raised with access to fresh water and clean air rolling off the Sierra Nevada Foothills.
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