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Functional Ingredients for Mental Wellness, Yogurt Innovation, ROC Momentum and More from Natural Products Expo East 2022

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For the second year, Philadelphia hosted Natural Products Expo East, and the 2022 show had 1,267 companies exhibiting, including 425 companies that presented for the first time.

Below are my key takeaways, observations and thoughts from Expo East 2022.


With the stigma of openly discussing mental wellness decreasing by the day, compounded with Covid-19 contributing to a feeling of isolation for many people, emotional health has never been more important and prominent in the cultural zeitgeist as it is today.

And the data is confirming this.

This new reality is having a significant impact on how consumers are purchasing organic food, beverages and supplements, as they are actively seeking products that offer serious functional benefits that address mental wellness.

Not surprisingly, the organic companies that offer a solution to this need, by using ingredients such as lion’s mane, curcumin and ashwagandha — similar to what Truvani is doing with its supplements and protein powders — are seeing real results.

Formulating with mental wellness in mind should be front-and-center for every organic company; not only because it is meeting a real market need, but these products may be prioritized if consumers have to make hard choices about which products they can afford if the economic environment becomes more challenging.



The yogurt category remains very popular with consumers, and the innovation in this space continues to impress, in both plant-based and dairy.

Forager Project unveiled a dairy-free, probiotic cashewmilk yogurt made with an alternative (vegan) honey. Company founder Stephen Williamson demonstrates, show after show, why he is one of the best innovators in the industry.

forager project vegan organic yogurt alternative honey

In the A2 dairy sector, one that is exploding in interest, two organic brands unveiled new products.

Alexandre Family Farm introduced its Regenerative Organic Certified®, 100% grass-fed A2 yogurt in two varieties — lowfat and vanilla bean with an extra cream top.

organic a2 grass-fed yogurt alexandre family farm

Trimona also introduced a new vanilla flavor of its organic A2, grass-fed Bulgarian yogurt.

trimona organic A2 bulgarian yogurt



According to the Upcycled Food Association, upcycled products prevent food waste by creating new, high-quality products out of surplus food. It’s an innovative approach to food waste because it is the first consumer product-based solution, making it highly scalable and economically sustainable.

There is no question that the upcycling of ingredients is an important and growing trend, but it hasn’t permeated the organic sector as much as it has the natural and Non-GMO space. Not only is the conventional category much bigger, but there is also no concern of having to source all-organic upcycled ingredients in a multi-ingredient product.

barnana organic upcycled plantains

Fortunately, the trend of upcycling in the organic sector is moving in a positive direction, and Barnana has been helping to lead the way, with the company having been involved in this approach to avoiding food waste since 2013.

By year-end, Barnana is on track to upcycle nearly 40 million plantains that would have otherwise been wasted, and the company announced at Expo East that it is currently testing biodigester technology (which transforms inputs including plantain peels, manure and microorganisms into nutrient-rich biomass that can fertilize the soil) and the use of leachate tanks (which create liquid from plantain peels to treat plant diseases without the use of synthetic chemicals).

The plantains below, which are often used as a shade crop alongside cacao trees, would have gone to waste if it were not for the efforts of Barnana to put them to good use. And because of Barnana’s plantain chips, the farmers’ income increased from $85 per month to $350 per month.

Other organic brands that unveiled upcycled products at the show were Joolies (with its Joolietes and Date Toppers, both made from upcycled dates) and Fabalish, which uses upcycled aquafaba for its plant-based dips and baked falafel.

joolies organic upcycled dates and date toppers

fabalish organic plant-based falafel vegan upcycled aquafaba



Blue spirulina, widely known as Blue Majik from E3 Live, has a visually arresting presence and offers serious health benefits. Most notably, it contains both phycocyanin (PC) and non-PC compounds, and PC has been clinically shown to relieve physical discomfort.

Two brands exhibited new drinks with Blue Majik — Inner Love Foods with its Lemonblueade water kefir and DROUGHT with its Immunity Potion.

Inner Love Foods lemonblueade organic blue spirulina

drought juice immunity potion blue spirulina blue majik

Interestingly, at the show, I also tasted a new blue spirulina drink from a brand out of Holland called FUL. The company will be bringing its own organic blue spirulina to the U.S. market sometime soon.



Last Friday, Dr. Bronner’s hosted a Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC) happy hour, where fellow ROC brands gathered to network and sample their products.

Regenerative Organic Certified® has become the new gold standard in organic, and there is a tremendous amount of excitement building for this certification. It seems that every week, more brands and farms around the world are getting certified, and in my 12+ years of writing about organic, there is a sense of community and camaraderie among ROC brands that I have yet to experience.

The Regenerative Organic Alliance is in the planning stages for launching its first in-person event for Regenerative Organic Certified® brands and farmers, to take place in Southern California right before Expo West 2023.



Last year, at Expo East 2021, I discovered the very first HPP keg of cold-pressed organic juice from Nourish Juice Bar.

This year, I saw more juice packaging innovation and something that is addressing single-use plastics in a high-growth segment — shots.

With the immense popularity of organic juice shots, DROUGHT, which formerly had a chain of pressed organic juice stores in the Detroit area, recognized this problem and worked to develop an HPP wellness shot dispenser.

Research and development took one year to perfect, and the resulting solution is a box of Immunity Potion organic juice (apple, lemon, turmeric, cayenne, oregano oil and ginger) that contains 25 shots with a 120-day shelf-life.

The company said that sales of these boxes have been very, very brisk, and consumers have been loving this more environmentally-friendly solution.

drought juice 25 shots hpp in a box

With gratitude,

Max Goldberg, Founder

New Organic Products

New Organic Products

Chia Seed Puddings from Urban Remedy

New from Urban Remedy is a line of organic chia seed puddings that come in two flavors -- Blueberry and Matcha. Both are made with chia seeds, vanilla, dates and cashew milk. The Blueberry pudding contains 4,000mg of omega-3 ALA and 9g sugar, while the Matcha pudding offers 3,400mg of omega-3 ALA and only 4g of sugar.

Apple Cider Vinegar Superfood Tea Pods from Mother Earth Vinegar

Mother Earth Vinegar is launching the first and only organic apple cider vinegar superfood tea pods to retailers across the U.S. These k-pods come in six flavors and are a blend of apple cider vinegar, dried fruit and herbs. Everything is Keurig 2.0 compatible, kosher, caffeine-free, plant-based and recyclable.

Pancake & Waffle Mixes from Arrowhead Mills

At the same time that the company is introducing its brand refresh, Arrowhead Mills is also launching two new SKUs -- Organic Oat Flour Pancake & Waffle Mix (gluten-free) and Organic Apple Cider Pancake & Waffle Mix (limited-edition). The company is also celebrating the fact that over 87% of all Arrowhead Mills products are now USDA certified organic.

Handcrafted Rye Vodka from Chopin

Chopin has released its first organic single-ingredient vodka in the U.S. -- Chopin Rye Organic. The spirit is made from a heritage rye variety called Dankowskie Ruben, sourced from a multi-generational farm within 20 miles of the Chopin Vodka distillery in Poland. It is handcrafted in small batches, following traditional distilling techniques and strict requirements for ecological processing, and is then blended with natural spring water from Chopin’s own well on-property.
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Let's hope Mexico stays strong and does not succumb to the pressure from the GMO industry.

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