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The USDA Asserts Total Power over the Organic Industry’s Agenda

It is time for members of the National Organic Standards Board to assert their statutory authority, which was granted to them by Congress.

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Sustainability Spotlight -- Dr. Bronner's

Sustainability Spotlight -- Dr. Bronner's

Several years ago, along with Patagonia and Rodale Institute, Dr. Bronner’s became one of the three primary backers of the Regenerative Organic Alliance, which created and oversees the new Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) standard.

Meant to raise the bar for what organic represents, ROC uses the USDA organic certification as a baseline and then mandates additional requirements that address soil health, animal welfare and social fairness.

Just this week, Dr. Bronner’s has introduced the world’s first ROC-certified virgin coconut oil, which is sourced from Dr. Bronner’s sister company in Sri Lanka, Serendipol, the world’s foremost supplier of fair trade and regenerative organic coconut oil. This coconut oil is designated at the Silver Tier of ROC and is available in two varieties, White and Whole Kernel.

“We see Regenerative Organic Certification, and the agriculture model it advances, as a key factor that will shift agriculture systems globally, such that we can quantifiably mitigate climate change and build resilient communities that are able to adapt and thrive,” said David Bronner, Cosmic Engagement Officer at Dr. Bronner’s.

Even though this certification is brand new, the company started working on regenerative practices in 2008, such as:

– The farmers weeded more regularly (mechanically) and used the cut as mulch.

– The return of “damaged husks” that were not of use for extraction of coconut fiber as potassium-rich mulch.

– Production of thermophilic compost was started and distributed to farmers at a subsidy.

– No-tillage on coconut land, the main challenge is to return organic matter to build up humus.

“Initially, we thought ‘organic is about the land’ and ‘fair trade is about fair prices and community development’. We realized early that helping farmers improve soil fertility and productivity is the best way to improve their income and have since used that concept on all other projects,” said Gero Leson, Vice President of Special Operations at the company.

In addition to the ROC coconut oil, Dr. Bronner’s has achieved certification approval for its two primary ingredients in its soaps and body care products: Mint Oil from Pavitramenthe in India, and Palm Oil from its sister company Serendipalm, in Ghana. Furthermore, the company is committed to certifying all products to be Regenerative Organic Certified.

Dr. Bronner’s Regenerative Organic Coconut Oil will be available at retailers starting in the spring of 2020, sold online at Dr. Bronner’s web store, at Whole Foods Market, and natural product retailers, grocers and other retailers nationwide. David Bronner talks about his company’s new ROC product in this video.

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