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Assessing COVID-19’s Impact on Sustainable Fashion and Organic Textiles

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Despite the pandemic, industry experts see a bright future for organic clothing and textiles.

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Sustainability Spotlight -- REBBL

Sustainability Spotlight -- REBBL

Known for its cutting-edge adaptogenic drinks and support of Not for Sale, a non-profit that fights against human trafficking and exploitation around the world, REBBL recently announced that it is one of the first in the food industry to transition to 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

The company’s Green Packaging Initiative converts used plastic into new 12 oz. plastic bottles, which in turn conserves resources, reduces landfill and capitalizes on the energy already invested in making existing plastic products.

Completing this initiative was no easy endeavor, from both an operational and financial perspective.

“Cost is the reason why many in the industry are setting gradual goals. For instance, Coca-Cola set a goal of having bottles made with 50% recycled content by 2030. But for REBBL, transitioning to 100% recycled material for our bottles is something we are proud to prioritize,” said Bonnie Neulight, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer.

One of the biggest things that REBBL learned in this process is that the U.S. infrastructure does not currently have an efficient standardized process for recycling.

“Only a small percentage of the country’s ‘recyclables’ actually go through the process because it is actually cheaper to create new plastic rather than use post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. To create a solution for this, we — collectively — need to create a demand for PCR material. We need to create a market for used goods. If the demand for PCR plastic rises, so will the demand for creating effective and efficient recycling processes,” explained Bonnie Neulight.

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