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New Hope, the Organizer of Expo East and Expo West, Discusses How it is Supporting Organic and Why the Impossible Burger is Allowed at its Shows

A conversation with New Hope executives about current and future plans to support organic, including their stance on GMOs at the trade shows.

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3 Organic Products I Love

3 Organic Products I Love: Birgit Cameron

Managing Director at Patagonia Provisions

Under Birgit’s direction, Patagonia Provisions has doubled its sales each year, and she introduced Patagonia Provisions to international markets in Europe and Asia. In 2016, she produced Unbroken Ground, an award-winning documentary detailing the critical role food plays in solving the environmental crisis. Birgit lives in Marin County, CA, with her husband and their two daughters.

Fair Trade English Breakfast Tea by Equal Exchange

This is how I start my day, and it’s one of the best organic teas on the market, sourced from small-scale farms in India.

Savory Seeds by Patagonia Provisions

Our new organic savory seeds are one of my favorite products. Period. I love to sprinkle them on my salad at lunch and at dinner, or as a mid-day snack. I like chipotle lime the best but the other two flavors are also great.

Vanilla Ice Cream by Straus Family Creamery

I love Straus’ soft-serve vanilla ice cream, which you can find in some restaurants in my area. It’s such a throwback to my childhood and reminds me of summer. When my family is craving it at home, I'll buy a pint or two of their organic vanilla or other flavored ice creams.
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This Week's Quick Hits: 12 items
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* Rumiano Cheese is celebrating 100 years of business. Very cool...

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