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Organic & Natural Health Association -- Why Brands Should Know About it

Some people in the organic industry may be familiar with the Organic & Natural Health Association, but most are probably not.

Until recently, I fell into the latter category.

Wanting to change that and also to better understand how this organization fits into the overall organic ecosystem, I attended its 4th Annual Conference in Fort Myers Beach, Florida last week. Not only did I walk away incredibly impressed by the speakers and the very high quality of attendees, but I was particularly struck by the approach of this group.

“We are a trade organization that is completely driven by consumer interests. In the end, we believe that making decisions about what is best for the consumer will make our companies money,” said Karen Howard, CEO of the Organic & Natural Health Association (O&N).

This commitment could be seen in its very early days, as O&N was originally founded to create a ‘natural’ certification for products.

“After 18 months of research and deliberation, we decided not to do a ‘natural’ seal because it was not in the best interest of consumers. The data shows that people believe ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are the same, and the ability to define ‘natural’ in a meaningful way does not exist. That is why we abandoned this idea,” acknowledged Karen Howard.

Having opted not to pursue a ‘natural’ certification, O&N pivoted and decided to focus on three key areas — research, consumer education, and public advocacy. Its mission is to unite consumers and corporations while transforming business practices to be in alignment with regenerative systems that support the health of people and the planet.


Some of the more noteworthy activities or priorities of O&N include:

* A 3-year glyphosate research study where members agree to do testing on their products. The goal is to help clean up the supply chain and to better understand what are safe amounts of glyphosate, whether that is zero or some specified level for certain products.

* Preserve and promote current USDA organic standards and the expanded use of the USDA organic seal across market segments.

* The establishment of its NutrientPower campaign, which gives consumers the information and resources they need to become effective advocates for their own health.

* Conducting crowdsourced nutrient research field trials for Vitamin D and Omega-3s (which won the Nutrition Business Journal Award in 2018 for Education), and petitioning the FDA to approve a health claim concerning the association between Vitamin D and a decreased risk of preterm births.

* Supporting and promoting 3rd-party verified standards grounded in regenerative practices, including the American Grassfed Association’s Grassfed Standard for meat and dairy.

* Lobbying in Washington, D.C. for the PRIME Act, which would help small, grass-fed meat producers fairly compete in a marketplace where 4 companies control 80% of the beef industry.

* Evaluating pathways to ensure consumer access to high-quality hemp and CBD products.


While O&N is heavily focused on the supplement industry right now, the group expects to soon move into food and personal care products.

“We are trying to teach people that food and dietary supplements are one and the same, and shoring up the supply chain is of critical importance,” said Karen Howard.

Based on what I experienced in Florida, it was apparent that O&N members are a part of the organization because of their sincere desire to raise the bar for their industry, but the networking and dealmaking opportunities are certainly a big draw as well.

“When the attendees include the A-Listers of our industry, the opportunity to better define current business opportunities — and discover ones not yet obvious — presents itself at every conversation. This association has allowed me to develop comprehensive partnerships, enabled my customers and my company to save money, and helped position ourselves as innovative and creative in the eyes of our industry peers,” said Anthony Wesson, Executive Vice President at Atrium Innovations, a company that was purchased by Nestle for $2.3 billion.

With its focus on the consumer and commitment to a regenerative supply chain, the approach of the Organic & Natural Health Association is in clear alignment with the most progressive brands in the organic food industry today.


Have a great day!

Max Goldberg, Founder

Rebrands of Organic Products

Rebrands of Organic Products

Once Upon a Farm Baby Food

Once Upon a Farm completed a packaging redesign which prominently highlights the organic, farm-fresh ingredients used in each baby food blend on the front of every pouch. The goal was to better communicate the product offering and to have them “pop” on the refrigerated shelf.

Tolerant Pasta

Tolerant recently introduced a reformulation of its organic chickpea pasta, now made with 100% organic chickpeas and 20 g protein per 3.5 oz. portion. Simultaneously, the company completed a brand redesign, which highlights Tolerant’s mission — to provide simply genuine food made from plants.

Once Again Nut Butter

This month, Once Again Nut Butter is introducing new designs for its logo and packaging. While staying true to the brand’s authenticity and passion for sustainability, the goal of the contemporary look and feel is to grab consumers’ attention and increase the product’s “shopability.”


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Nielsen: Organic Prices are Dropping

Last year, according to Nielsen, organic food and beverages cost an average of 24 cents more per unit than conventional food, or about 7.5% more. That was down from a 27 cent, or 9%, premium in 2014. One reason for this is the increase in number of organic products on the shelves.


Carrefour Helping Farmers Transition to Organic

By Dominique Vidalon

Major French retailer Carrefour is joining up with other with food companies, including Danone, to launch “MiiMOSA Transition”, a crowdfunding project to help farmers switch to organic farming.

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Cases of Organic Fraud in the U.S. Call Attention to Ongoing Regulatory Changes

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Michelob Organic Beer Commerical to Run During the Super Bowl

By Amelia Lucas

In a bid to keep the momentum going for its Michelob Ultra brand, Anheuser-Busch InBev is running a commercial for this organic beer starring actress Zoe Kravitz. To view the ad now, click on the link to this story.

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At Davos, Calls for Regenerative Agriculture to Fix a Severely Broken Food System

By Laxmi Haigh

A report published by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which was just presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, is calling for regenerative agricultural practices to reverse the serious harm caused by our current food system.

Organic Consumers Association

Study: Industrial Food System is Causing Global Health Crises

By Ronnie Cummins

A recently released study by the Lancet Commission on Obesity said that a "radical rethink" (i.e., regenerative organic agriculture) is needed to address the unhealthy, inequitable food systems which are causing severe damage to personal and environmental health.

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Nature's Path Gets Green Light for Breathtaking New Global Headquarters

By Kenneth Chan

The City of Vancouver’s Development Permit Board granted approval to Nature's Path for its proposed new headquarters, which is LEED gold/platinum and uses wood as an exoskeleton. Very cool!

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Your Super Closes a $5M Series A

By Iris Dorbian

Your Super, an organic superfood company with offices in Los Angeles and Berlin, has raised $5M from PowerPlant Ventures, Doehler Ventures and others.

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General Mills Faces Lawsuit Over its Brand's Origin

The company is facing a class action lawsuit which alleges that it is "misleading consumers" over the geographic origin of its Cascadian Farm organic products.

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* Whether you are in favor or against Starbucks founder Howard Schultz running for president in 2020, there is one aspect about his candidacy that should make organic consumers very nervous.

* It was reported in Axios that a potential running mate would be Purdue University president Mitch Daniels — someone who has said that “avoiding GMOs isn’t just anti-science. It’s immoral.”

* Whole Foods has launched an organic bone broth bar at its High Street Kensington store in London.

* On May 18th and 19th in Brooklyn, Dutch art and design collective Steinbeisser will be hosting an Experimental Gastronomy event in Brooklyn. The two-night dinner series will bring together some of the finest female chefs in the world — Dominique Crenn, Niki Nakayama, Elise Kornack, and Emma Bengtsson — and the goal of Experimental Gastronomy is to “explore new ways to eat mindfully.”

* The nine-course vegan tasting menu will be completely organic and/or Biodynamic.

* Angelina Jolie and her kids were spotted selling organic dog treats at a park in Los Angeles.

* The video ad for the GMO-Arctic Apple that doesn’t turn brown has been getting an icy reception on social media.

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