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“Right to Know” Movement Extends Beyond GMOs, Victory Achieved in the Labeling of Menstrual Product Ingredients

(New York Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal, who sponsored the Menstrual Products Right to Know Act. Photo via TEDMED.)

While the majority of us in the food world have moved on from the “Right to Know” movement — with the USDA having pushed through an incredibly flawed Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard — the fight has been in full force in a different sector of the organic industry: menstrual products.

In the U.S., the potentially toxic chemicals that are used in tampons and pads do not have to be disclosed on the packaging.

As a result, many women are completely in the dark in regards to what they are putting into their bodies. This is particularly disconcerting given that, on average, a woman uses approximately 11,000 tampons in a lifetime.

NYC-based LOLA, an organic menstrual products company, has been working to educate consumers about this issue for years.

In one particularly effective and compelling video, it burned one of its own organic tampons side-by-side with a conventional one. The conventional one — filled with chemicals — did not burn evenly but melted instead.

“Young girls will go on to use tampons and menstrual hygiene products for 24 hours each day, five days a week, one week a month, every month for as many as 40 years. Women and young girls have an indisputable and absolute right to know what we are putting in and on our bodies,” said New York Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal, a politician who was also very active in the GMO-labeling movement.

Seeking to change this situation, she sponsored the Menstrual Products Right to Know Act, which passed the state’s Assembly Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection in June of 2018.

More than a year later, last Friday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made it official when he signed this piece of legislation into law. It goes into effect in 180 days, and manufacturers will then have 18 months to develop new packaging that discloses all of the ingredients in their products.

Even though this is a New York state law and not a federal one, it is widely expected that menstrual product companies will not have one set of packaging for New York and a different set of packaging for the rest of the country. As a result, this law will very likely impact consumers throughout the U.S.

“We hope this law is just the beginning – so that women in New York and beyond have access to fully transparent, candid information that enables them to make deliberate and empowered decisions about their reproductive health and wellness,” said Jordana Kier, co-founder/co-CEO of LOLA.

It goes without saying that this is a huge victory for both women and everyone in the “right to know” movement, and the chemical industry has been put on notice once again.

And it is further confirmation that we can create positive change in how companies are regulated in our country — at a time when it seems more challenging than ever.

But the formula for success remains the same: people getting involved and actively engaging our elected officials to pass laws that prioritize the interests of consumers.

With gratitude,

Max Goldberg, Founder

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Keto-Cauliflower Hummus by Lilly's Foods

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