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The 10 Most Compelling Organic Foods from the 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City

The Summer 2019 Fancy Food Show just wrapped up in New York City, and as usual, it was a fantastic three days.

Here are a few of my takeaways:

* Seeds seemed to take on more prominence. With nut allergies a real issue, particularly for kids, I saw an increasing number of seed bars, seed butters and seed milks — all a very welcome trend.

* A lack of CBD. In contrast to the recent Expo West show where CBD was all over the place, the same could not be said at Fancy Food. In my view, it was shockingly absent but could be a result of its legal uncertainty in states across the country.

* Cauliflower is as popular than ever, especially as the key ingredient in pizza crusts, but I think this is much more the case in the non-organic food segment. At Fancy Food, I saw several new organic cauliflower snacks, something I had been hoping to see for quite a while.

* Some great innovation with chocolate, especially with nut milk infusions and more 100% cacao bars.

* One of the more interesting things that Fancy Food showcases is its Incubator Alley. This is where food incubators from around the country present their most promising companies. In this section, there were very few certified organic brands, and many of them said it was due to the high price of organic. This is exactly what I wrote about in last year’s Fancy Food recap, and the issue remains a real problem.

Below are the 10 organic products that I found most compelling.


Organic sauces continue to be a big white space with room for plenty of entrants, and Fred Haberman’s Freak Flag Foods is starting to make its mark, particularly as it is set to go into 140 locations of The Fresh Market. The tomato pesto was delicious enough that you could eat it with nothing more than a spoon. This is a brand to watch.


Known for its flax crackers, Flackers unveiled hemp seed and hatch green chile toasted seed crisps, which are keto-friendly. Thinking they would have the same texture as the flax crackers, I was mistaken. It was much more of a snack. A great and hearty way to consume both hemp and flax seeds.


With the kale chip craze slowing down, Rhythm Superfoods may have found its next big hit — cauliflower bites. My favorite was the sea salt.


Founded in Boring, Oregon (an unincorporated community in the state), A Boring Life unveiled almonds that contain 25 mg of hemp extract, coconut oil, lavender and salt. Love the innovation, delicious taste.


Living Intentions has literally cracked the code when it comes to addictive popcorn, and this was one of the best-tasting products at the show. It is dairy-free and contains a cheezy blend of vegetables, sprouted seeds, savory spices and MCT oil.


Boston-based Taza Chocolate has knocked it out of the park with this line of almond milk-infused chocolate. It is vegan and dairy-free, and comes in three flavors — quinoa crunch, classic, and cashew crunch.


Leave it to Stephen Williamson, the incredibly innovative founder of Forager Project, to come up with a dairy-free, plant-based and cultured sour cream. I cannot recall ever seeing a vegan organic sour cream before. Very cool!


Organic marshmallow creme. Who knew? Toonie Moonie founder Kim Condon certainly knew and decided to create an organic version of marshmallow creme but with clean ingredients.


Mexico-based Just About Foods could soon be a breakout brand, as it had several compelling and unique products at the show. Its baked cauliflower chips, which are gluten-free and contain no added sugar, should see huge demand.


It is ironic that one of the best-tasting products of the show is so early in its development that it didn’t even have packaging. Sitting alongside its outstanding seed bars, the hemp pumpkin and chia seed butter from Long Island, NY-based Seedly had me at a loss for words. It was rich and creamy but not overly sweet. Very unique texture. Massive home run.

With gratitude,

Max Goldberg, Founder

New Organic Products

New Organic Products

Golden Mind by Remedy Organics

Remedy Organics has added a new flavor to its lineup of plant-based superfood beverages – Golden Mind. This drink is a new twist on ayurvedic golden milk but with DHA omega-3s, MCT oil and a 90% curcumin.

Vegetable Broth by Osso Good Co.

In addition to its beef, pork, turkey and chicken broths, The Osso Good Co. now has a certified organic vegetable broth. This vegan broth contains no added sugar or salt, and is both certified paleo and Whole 30 approved.

White Truffle Ketchup by DaRosario

From the world’s first 100% USDA certified organic truffle production company, NYC-based daRosario has unveiled a new organic truffle ketchup. It is made with California tomatoes, white truffle dust, white truffle flavored extra virgin olive oil and a dash of acacia honey.

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Organic Gets Some Wins in House Spending Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives passed new spending legislation with significant wins for organic, including those related to organic dairy and import fraud.


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* Long Island, New York organic restaurant chain Organic Krush is set to open three more locations.

* Massachusetts has banned the sale of some hemp products, including CBD-infused foods.

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