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Rodale Institute celebrates its 9th Annual Organic Pioneer Awards dinner while BeyondBrands launches its First Accelerator Class

Two organic-focused organizations had fantastic events this week - Rodale's Pioneer Awards dinner and BeyondBrands launched its CPG accelerator BeyondSKU.

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New Organic Products

New Organic Products

Traceable Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Bellucci

Recently launched at Whole Foods Market, the organic extra virgin olive oil by Bellucci utilizes a blockchain-based traceability system. Download the traceability app and the unique lot code imprinted on the label allows you to follow your bottle back to its birthplace in rural Italy. Sourced from a cooperative of farmers, Bellucci is also available in on-the-go squeeze packs.

Mushrooms and Herbs Powder Blends by Gaia Herbs

Gaia Herbs has introduced three new organic mushrooms & herbs powder blends -- Energy Thrive, Immune Shine and Mind Spring -- that support cognitive, energy and immune health. The blends utilize chaga, cordycep and maitake mushrooms, and they also contain ingredients such as astragalus, elderberry and ginger.

Plant-Based Creamers by MALK Organics

Made with gluten-free whole grain oats and nuts, the plant-based creamers from MALK Organics are made with six ingredients or less and come in three flavors -- unsweetened oat + almond, maple oat and pecan, and unsweetened oat + vanilla almond. No gums, no carrageenan, thickener-free and Glyphosate Residue Free certified.
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