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New York Judge Quashes Monsanto's Subpoena Against Consumer Advocacy Group

As a follow up to Wednesday’s Organic Insider, which talked about Monsanto’s subpoena against consumer advocacy group Avaaz and the company’s desire to collect every single document and piece of communication related to glyphosate that the group had produced, Avaaz scored a victory yesterday in a New York court.

Justice Shlomo S. Hagler decided to grant the petition and quash the subpoena, meaning that Avaaz would not have to produce any of the documents Monsanto was seeking.

According to Avaaz representatives, the judge said, “This subpoena would have the ultimate chilling effect, and the ability of Avaaz to continue to perform would be decimated and destroyed. The entirety of the document requests are completely overbroad, and the documents sought are utterly irrelevant.”

Needless to say, this is a major victory for individuals and advocacy groups to be able to speak freely without fear of unconstitutional and overreaching retribution from powerful corporations.

Monsanto has the right to appeal this court’s decision, and Organic Insider will keep you informed about any further developments related to this matter.

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Max Goldberg, Founder

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